SPiesSoviet spies? KGB agents? Over the years Bournemouth has had more than it’s fair share of spies, secret agents, and other people connected with the world of espionage. Find out which spies have had a connection to the Bournemouth area.

Melita Norwood was a KGB agent for 40 years, and her identity was only revealed in 1999 following the defection of another agent. Born in 1912 in the Pokesdown suburb of Bournemouth, Melita Stedman Norwood was recruited by the KGB in 1937 and was given the codename “Hola”. She was […]

Melita Norwood

Born in Bournemouth in 1907, Anthony Blunt is best known for being a Soviet spy. The son of a vicar and a civil servant, Anthony had loose connections with the Royal Family (he was a third cousin to the late Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon). When his father was sent to […]

Sir Anthony Blunt