People who were born in Bournemouth or the surrounding area.

Born in Bournemouth, James Guy Payne Audain was a cavalry officer who moved to Canada where he wrote his family biography “The Story of the Dunsmuirs of Vancouver Island” and also became a racehorse owner and breeder. Other Sites About James Audain    

James Audain

Emma Stephens is an actress who was born in Bournemouth and who is headed up the stairway to stardom. After training at the Bridget Baugi Acadamy, the Big Little Youth Theatre and the Jo Heynes school of dance, Emma moved to London to train at Laine Theatre Arts, graduating three […]

Emma Stephens

Don Partridge was an English singer and songwriter, popularly known as the King of the Buskers”, and had a one hit success with his song Rosie in 1968, when it reached #4 on the UK Singles charts. Born in Bournemouth in 1941, Don had an interesting early life, leaving home […]

Don Partridge

Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry was born in Bournemouth in 1848 and is best known for the choral song Jerusalem Hubert was the sixth child to be born to his upper middle class parents, three of his siblings dying while infants and his mother dying when he was 12 days […]

Hubert Parry

Richard Palmer-James is best known for writing the lyrics for a number of early King Crimson songs, and for being a founder member of the band Supertramp. He was born in Bournemouth in 1947, and played with various local bands before joining King Crimson. Richard wrote the lyrics for 3 […]

Richard Palmer-James

Melita Norwood was a KGB agent for 40 years, and her identity was only revealed in 1999 following the defection of another agent. Born in 1912 in the Pokesdown suburb of Bournemouth, Melita Stedman Norwood was recruited by the KGB in 1937 and was given the codename “Hola”. She was […]

Melita Norwood

Alison Newman is an actress, born in Bournemouth in 1968, and best known for her role as Hazel Bailey in the UK television series Footballer’s Wives. Her parents, both school teachers, encouraged her to have an interest in acting, but did not enourage her to go to stage school when […]

Alison Newman

Well it’s not everyone that is born into a money family, but in 1942 George Bruno Money did just that, and yes the family name is actually “money”. George always had a love of music, playing the french horn and singing in the choir at school, and in 1961 having […]

Zoot Money

Lee Kerslake was born in Bournemouth in 1947 and is best known as drummer for Uriah Heep and the Ozzy Osbourne band. Lee first joined Uriah Heep in 1971, and played with the band until 1979, when he left but rejoined in 1982. He left the band in 2007 due […]

Lee Kerslake

Alex James is a musician and songwriter who is best known for playing bass and vocals with the band Blur. He was born as Stephen Alexander James in the Boscombe suburb of Bournemouth in 1968 and attended Bournemouth Grammar School, before going to Goldsmiths College in London, which is where […]

Alex James